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How to dispose of old paint cans

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So you have had a very successful spring cleaning. You’ve cleaned out your home and gotten rid of things you no longer want, or need. Emptied out your closet of clothes you no longer wear, gotten rid of old condiments you accidentally hid in the back of your kitchen cabinets, organized your basement storage area, and now you are left with old…

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Rotten Wood and Two Other TOP Reasons for Exterior Paint

Town Houses in subdivision
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Working around the D.C. area, I’ve been shocked to see so much rotten wood – even on houses that aren’t all that old. I’m not sure why it happens here in the DMV, but it’s definitely a problem. The good news is it’s a problem that can be reduced or even eliminated by keeping exterior wood surfaces properly painted. We’ll…

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The TOP 3 Reasons for Interior Paint – A Professional’s Opinion

Elegant living room interior with white fireplace and flowers.
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So, you’re wondering what a new coat of paint can do for you. You’re thinking, “maybe we’ll paint the kitchen this year.” You need an update for your family room or a new look for the master bedroom. Well, there are many things you can do, but interior paint is a great start to the new look. Plus, it offers…

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