The weather is warming up and it’s a great time for springtime painting! A new coat of paint is a fantastic way to freshen up your home. Here are a few of the top spring time trends.

  • Pastels: Soft and soothing, pastel colors are often associated with spring.
  • Brights: Bright colors like tomato red or flame orange can add a lively touch to any room. Balance them with neutrals to keep them from becoming overwhelming.
  • Blues and greens: These calming shades mimic the natural world, evoking new plants and clear skies after a long winter.
  • White: Fresh, clean, and pure, this color is a great way to make a room more airy.
  • Yellow: This cheerful shade is perfect for warmer weather.

If you’re looking for ways to brighten your home this spring, a new coat of paint can help. Contact us today to get started.